Rilton Cup Running in City Capital of Stockholm + Aiming for One Spring Tournament

Dr Tore Riltons Cup Tournament, Swedens biggest open international tournament has started (27th).

Notably USA, youngest GM Sam Sevian is playing.

Our neighbour club SK Rockaden Umeås player, Jörgen Eriksson (living in Stockholm) is participating.

He has started out extremely well with 1,5/2 against two GM! GM Aryan Tari and GM Monica Socko.

you can follow the rounds here.

On our homeground, we in ASSU are aiming for one 8 rounds tournament this season, coming. it will be of great fun, that everyone plays anyone in the club, good training, expected set ups and set backs and fun games! It is time, for everyone in our club to join in and face a good fun tournament. We invite anyone to join us in 2016. There will be  probably be 3 rounds of speed chess 10+10 or 15+3 (first evening, after the board of ASSU has decided, we want to ask members of format as well!) and and 5 ELO standard long games, every second or third week. Swedish Chess Federation is changing to ELO and LASK will dissapear. Therefore this is a very good oppertunity to play and to get your ELO.



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