Results – Broströms Blitz: FIDE CM and Trainer Rickard Engman WINNER!

After the lecture yesterday at the ASSU-club, we played a 9 round robin 5 min blitz. Here are the results:

CM Rickard Engman winner: After a very nice lecture with both chess theory and players profile presentations, with historic look back in the mirror, ASSU played a blitz tournament – the results below.

  1. Rickard Engman 8/9
  2. Isak Ersholt 6,5
  3. Göran Broström 6
  4. Tobias Boman 6
  5. Lennart Sandström 5
  6. Magnus Stenius 5
  7. Jimmy Norqvist 4
  8. Jan Backsten 3,5
  9. Lars-Olov Norqvist 1
  10. Dan



LOA vs. Ersholt


Mr Broström giving his lecture at the club.


Boman vs. Backsten


Dean vs The Traveller

: IMG_5072

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