Result Yesterday WCT + CLUB info

Round 7 results of Winter Chess Tournament

FIDE-WIM Cristine Rose – FIDE DR. Magnus Stenius 0 – 1

After an exciting game, in a sideline variation of Spanish Ruy Lopez/ swapping into Dilworth variation. Stenius could take the advantage with his passed pawns in the center. Rose got the counterattack with Qxg6! and Stenius was under two pawns suddenly. But in the complication, ”The Guerilla Manilla Queen” Rose missed her Queen was hanging, Knight x Qb3, end of the day…0- 1.

Hans-Erik Eriksson – Rasmus Nyman 1 – 0

As usual that attack player Eriksson with the white player got into the attacking mode against ”Wonderboy” Nyman. A tricky position came on the board and Nyman was slightly better going into the middle game a pawn up. But, Eriksson successfully got to complicate the position with his attacking Knight and Light squared Bishop. In the sacrifice, Eriksson took on h6 with Knight and then with Queen! But Nyman missed the forced revenge attack with Q x h2 check! Kx h2 Knight g4 check! Changing Queens and winning the endgame. 1 – 0.

Pictures from training evening social blitz and a great night at the club with a lot of people.

Do you also want to become a member of this fantastic great chess club?

We are Swedens most fastest growing chess club.

We are embedded at the campus university milieu and we host a lot of international players coming from abroad as well as local players.

We have new-beginners training, lectures from med-to advance training and finally elit-level training on Thursdays.

We also offer team-play in the Swedish Chess League where we currently have two teams in DIV III and II.

And finally we run several ELO tournaments live at the club, mostly on Thursdays.



Pictures below.

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