Result Spring Finalen! Pictures + new player

The last round from the Spring finalen, played yesterday.

A lot of players an a new-comer, finally, Khetek Winarto, in a comeback at the board! The Indonesian/ Swedish Khetek, rated 1900, a tricky player, and a crazy coffeehouse style at the board built on the beaches of Bali. We welcome Khetek ”The Dragoon” Winarto to ASSU (with an actual Dragoon/ devil tattoo at his chest, so nickname is given! He will be a good club-player and friend at the evenings.


A Group

Lars-Göran Carlsson – Magnus Hedqvist 1 – 0

Helge Magnussen – Lennart Sandström postponed

B Group

Bezhad Khoosnhod – Kent Munyua 0 -1

Khetek Winarto – Magnus Stenius 1 – 0

C Group

Kasper Hörnqvist – Viktor Alvarsson 0 – 1

Isak Ersholt – Jimmy Norqvist 0,5 -0,5

D Group

IMG_1048 IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1054 IMG_1055




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