Post -report University CC and Pictures

A nice speed chess event took place during the weekend, with a lot of players. A total of 17 chess fans showed up from 4 Clubs in northern Sweden, representing!

After the first rounds CM Rickard Engman ASSU was in sole lead, but in round 4 he met SK Rockaden Umeås David Johansson. In the opening Engman lost a pawn to Johansson who could win the endgame. We will try to post some games from the tournament in pgn shortly!

We take notice in that Lövånger SK:s senior Bengt Sjöström once more came and play, fought well on the boards. With two notable wins over Lennart Sandström and Rickard Holmström and finally to draw against Gerold ”The Professor” Jäger.

Also, ASSU.s member Victor Alvarsson is going from step to step forward. He took 4 points, notably wins and a performance well over 1800 +. Behzad took 4 points too and Magnus Stenius took 4,5 points, with a + 1900 performance score at the table, only loosing to Rickard and David (According to Rickard post comp, analysis, Magnus had full compensation for the exchange, with nice figure play. But after knight d3??, which looks natural black is loosing. Instead h6! is wining for black, treathning the queen and getting the center pawns rolling the dice! Lennart ”Pennan” scored 3,5 points, a little slighly less than expected, but he will come back stronger as well as Kent ”Big Machine” Munyua.To sum up, a nice tournament, good refreshments and soft drinks.

Here is so, the final University Championship list (Those who are employed or study at the university). Rickard came second, but is not a student at the university.

Final chess-results here.

1. David Johansson SK Rockaden Umeå GOLD

2. Lars-Göran Carlsson Schack 64 Haparanda SILVER

3. Magnus Stenius ASSU (third in the UCC). BRONZE

4. Victor Alvarsson ASSU

Bezhad Koshnood ASSU

6. Isak Ersholt ASSU

Kent Munyua ASSU

Rasmus Nyman ASSU

9. Gerold Jäger ASSU

Kasper Hörnqvist ASSU

Jimmy Norqvist ASSU

12. Rickard Holmström ASSU

Viktor Eriksson ASSU

Pictures from the event:


The great bufé from Mr Stonewall himself was very tasy n greatly apprieciated and didn’t left much on the plates!


Alvarsson – ”Pennan” draw. In a very special knight vs pawn endings.


Old grand senior, still going strong! Mr Sjöstrom, once Melbourne Champion in the 1970- in Australia, kibbitzing with Bezhad and Viktor on the right.


Post game analysis, what happend? What did I do wrong and why did I loose again, or, what nice moves I did, and what a combination!

Thank you for participating. And We welcome you back next year!


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