Opening Blitz: Martins Wins and SPRING TOURNAMENT INCOMING!

Yesterday we had this seasons opening for the semester. Martin Krecji wins. 8 players took part and some watched the blitz event. Some new players has shown interest in participate in the clubs activities.

Spring Opening Blitz Results

1. Martin Krejci 6,5/7
2. Isak Ersholt 6
3. Viktor Alvarsson 4
4. Magnus Stenius 3,5
5. Benjamin Fjällström 3
6. Bhezad Kohsnhood 3
7. Kasper Hörnqvist 2
8. Benn Malca 0

Also, this springs tournament, 8 rounds starts soon. First evening will be 3 rounds of rapid games, 15+10 seconds. We will then have 5 rounds of ELO; which is what FIDE asks for at this time to achieve ELO norms. We invite any player to join in! New for this season is that we have one group all together, one for all all for one!

Players on the preliminary list:
1. CM Rickard Engman ASSU
2. Magnus Hedqvist ASSU
3. Kent Munyua ASSU
4. Viktor Alvarsson ASSU
5. Isak Ersholt ASSU
6. Magnus Stenius ASSU
7. Behzad Kohsnoohd  ASSU
8. Jimmy Norqvist ASSU
9. Lars-Olov Norqvist ASSU
10. Rasmus Nyman ASSU
11.Benn Malca ASSU
12. Itai Zamir ASSU
13. Julian Alamos Guerra SK Rockaden Umeå
14. Gerold Jäger ASSU
15. Hans-Erik Eriksson ASSU
16. Tobias Boman ASSU

Pictures from yesterday:

IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892 IMG_4893

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