Norway Chess: GM Nils Grandelius vs. GM Levon Aronian in Round 2=DRAW

Meanwhile we are awaiting the Spring Finale that starts thursday 28 april   at 18.00 with ASSU, we turn our heads to our neighbor country Norway. At 16.00 p.m Swedish Grandmaster Nils Grandelius plays against Armenian GM Levon Aronian.

Grandmaster Nils Grandelius plays against GM Aronian with the white pieces. Here you can see what Nils has to say about the game.


Swedens own Grandmaster in Chess, Nils Grandelius, at the board where we are used to see him. A GM at 16, Grandelius is considered to be the best talent in chess Sweden hasn’t seen for decades.

Norway Chess Round 2. GM Nils Grandelius vs. GM Levon Aronian = draw

GM Grandelius is Sweden’s best player in two decades since the era of GM Ulf Andersson, and when he played back in Reggio Emilio 1990/1991. Grandelius has been recognized in Swedish media the last day’s: Sportbladet – SR and SVT.

We look forward to see what the 22-yearold GM can do to the creative Armenian player. In the blitz-tournament leading up to the pairings of the main event, Nils held Aronian to a draw (check the link!). ASSU wishes him the very best today. Join in: follow the action LIVE!



Here is the livelink.

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Photo: Dmitry Rukhletskiy y Maria Emelianova / Chessbase

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