New FIDE ratings for members

The first of May will see two more members with international ratings in Chess on our rating list.

Jimmy Norqvist 1671 and Kasper Hörnqvist (1551) has achieved each one a FIDE ELO from the 1st of May, congratz and Well done ASSU-Boyz!

Also, Victor Alvarsson has now two ELO part results (1943 and 1693, at the moment leaving him with an 1818 + score!) and he only needs two more games to achieve his last FIDE Norm in ELO. And lastly Behzad Kohshnood, has two elo parts (leaving him with a a + 1750 score). Also Behzad has two more games to go.



Puma left! Rocking Tower right!


Join in you too!

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