Länsserien Rockaden III , 4 – 0 , ASSU II

Mikael Forsberg the team captain of Rockaden III did his work and he and his boys won over ASSU II . No surprize as all players of Rockaden III was rated players with a lot of experience against ASSU II who only had one rated player. ASSU II should be happy anyway as all did get a chance to play an Elo-rated player and with some luck might be able to score and in the future get an Elo rating of there own.

Rockaden III Rating 4-0 ASSU II Rating
Cristoffer Berggren 1809 1-0 Stipo Mihaljevic 1780
Lars-Erik Hasselgren 1654 1-0 Eduard  Jove
Anders Jonsson 1643 1-0 Markus Kvist
Mikael Forsberg 1774 1-0 Peter Danielsson

All players of ASSU did have chances As they did have OK positions or even the clearly better one out of the opening but made mistakes or even blunders later. But it doesnt matter all played some interesting games and it all is just a good lesson to learn so to be ably to improve !

The best performer from ASSU II is likely Edward (Eduard Jove ) who played his first standard game ever!! Played at least as good as his opponent ( showing ability to play according to a plan and also calculating ability) did get an OK or even better position until a blunder was made Edward lost a Rook but did manage later to fool his maybe over comfortably opponent to lose a knight but was not able to save the game.

The best to Rockaden and Mikael Forsberg as the visit was very nice because of the good and friendly arrangement.and one important thing ( No talking from bystanders or other disturbing noises during the games! Its actually better than many other chess tournaments in Sweden !! ) Rockaden keep up the good work!!

Maybe both ASSU II and the players from ASSU will get revenge on Rockaden III February 22 ? As its time to reload and play the match ASSU II – Rockaden III at hometurf at the University at HIGH NOON

Heja ASSU !!


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