Heart of Finland – 4th Round coming up – ASSU Players in Fierce Battles over the Boards so far!

Heart of Finland update for ASSU-players. It has been a hard starter for ASSU-players. Ranel played Hungarian GM Gabor and had a good position, move 28 he was + 2,80 if he had seen the move Bc4 (game here)! Attacking the opponents king. The position is won for white. Today its new opponents, new challenges and new dreams on the boards, we wish our players from ASSU good luck! 

After 3 rounds – ASSU-players WIM Cristine Wågman, CM Rickard Engman, Michael Piwowar and Ranel Tamela, has the following score. Round 4 today at 11.00 am Swedish time. The players are in good spirit and webmaster reporter has been in contact over the phone with the players. Today they are all on fire and will show no mercy on the boards! Go ASSU! Christine will send some pictures from the venue and tournament and has sent some videos to ASSU-group chatt.

Pictures: (Cristine Wågman-Rose)

Live-board sections.


Live-Board sections.


Positions – 134 i a total of players in the Tournament.

AFTER round 3:

Pos. 61 (startnr 45) 1,5 p Tamela

Pos. 84 (37) 1,5 p Engman

Pos 92.(80) 1 p Piwowar

Pos 100 (64). 1 p Wågman-Rose

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