Die Spring Finale! Or the Final Four, in Four Groups!

This evening at the Academic Chess Club at campus Umeå University: ”Die Spring Finale, or The Final Four” comes down to business in this event! FIDE CM Rickard Engman have in accordance with the board of ASSU and the public invitation, taken out the following groups based on qualification from the WCT A and B Group + the LASK Group picked the groups as follows. If more players will come this evening they will be put into their own pool in group D! Arbiters this tournament is FIDE trainer and FIDE  CM Rickard Engman and National FIDE Arbiter Magnus Stenius. We welcome morte players to come and join in this evening! Be here and be squared! We have a spot open in group C, so please come in and join us, this evening. So join us today, be a part of this fantastic chess club, that is only getting bigger and bigger, we are aiming for the top!

In the highest group the following players have qualified: TALES OF THE TAPES! With player presentation.

Group A: Presentation

Helge Magnussen GER ELO 2086 LASK 2087


With his patient playing style, positional feeling mixed with his tactical view, German player Helge is  probably the favourite to win the A group this year. The tournament format is very adaptive to train and gain playing experience in your own rating span, as you only face players of your own capacity. It will be interesting to follow Helges play in this group at the University this semester, we wish him good luck! Helge has hold IM players to a draw and is as close to a professional player as anyone can be!

(picture: Lennart Sandström vs Helge Magnussen right)

Lars-Göran Carlsson SWE ELO 2055 LASK 1968


A veteran at the board and one of the most dangerous tactical players at the club. With his eye for complicated positions and playing towards a tensed pawn center, anything can happen and ”LG” thus can set the board on fire on all 64 squares!? t will be great to watch LG and see what he can bring to the table in the Final Four Spring final! We welcome LG on board and are looking forward to games in ”Rudolph Spielmans” spirit! his experience is really heavy behind the pierces.

Magnus Hedqvist SWE ELO 1978 LASK 1948

bild 1

Magnus Hedqvist has had a great development since he came to the club and now is very close to the 2000 ELO barrier. With a calculating style and a good eye for swapping pieces at the right time, in his fiancetto style of play, Magnus ”the Ro(o)cking Tower is a very dangerous opponent on the board. What can he bring to the table in this hyper-interesting group? Well, will see more and we welcome all club members to come in and take a coffea for free and watch the games LIVE! Good luck Magnus as well. Winning last semesters tournament this is a very strong player, watch out!

(picture: Magnus Hedqvist ASSU vs Bastian Perner ASSU)


(Lennart Sandström seen here vs Kasper Hörnqvist)

And finally Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström SWE ELO 1638 LASK 1698

We know what ”Pennan” can do on the board and do not underestimate the sharp eye of the magics that Lennart can put into the board. This will be a very interesting match up, as Lennart goes into battle with the squares. What will he be able to pull off or a big set up? Be prepared for that Mr Sandström can bring anyone down when in the mood! We wish Lennart good luck in the highest group with a strong motivation to play in such a strong group. Lennart has brough a lot of big names to the dirt trough out his career, and he won the first speed chess tournament las semester!

Group B:

Magnus Stenius SWE ELO 1823 LASK 1768


Winning both Summerheat I, and sharing first place in Aurelia Borelis II with Kent Munyua and Rickard Engman, Magnus brings a lot of experience to the table in this tournament. With a solid theoretical understanding to his strong openings, you dont wont to get in the wrong trajectories early into the game. Finishing on 4th spot in Rilton 1600 2004, as his biggest achievemnt, with a + 2000 performance, if in the groove on the board, he will be hard to put a stoppage to. Good luck!

Kent Munyua SWE ELO 1904 LASK 1760


Kent Munyua is probably the most exciting ”all in” and ”anything goes” player in the club at the moment. With a super-aggressive playing style as white, with his biggest achievement winning over GM Emanuel Berg in a junior competition once, this is a player to reckon with! For a teamleder, he is the dream to have in a teamplay, always motivated, 100% force behind the club he represents and a dangerous opponent for anyone as white, he is the nightmare for any other club to face in the Swedish Allsvenskan. With an ELO of 1900 +, he might be the favorite to win this years Group B! We wish mr Big Machine good luck!

Victor Alvarsson SWE LASK 1677 ELO (Part-results 1818)


Medical student, Mr Alvarsson, might be the most structured serious training player at the club right now, operating his lap top and analyzing positions here n there. He is very solid, gaining more and more experience, and working with his openings constantly, Victor can outplay anyone who doesn’t watch out. With two ELO part result, just above 1800 +, yes, it will be very exciting to see what he can do in this group. Good luck Victor!

Isak Ersholt SWE ELO 1713 LASK 1670


Isak, is getting more and more experience, and with a great performance at the Eastern-Tournament this year in Norrköping, he proved himself as a very good player and a ELO performance above 1800 +. Mr Hayes, has a good eye for endgame’s, positional play and when to trade down to business. With a good score in last Grand Prix at Björkstads, he might as well win this group. We wish Isak the best!

Group C:

Jimmy Norqvist SWE ELO 1671 LASK 1438


Jimmy Norqvist playing with nice maneuvering, constantly evolving on the board, with a resent FIDE ELO to the card. When in the balance and mood at the board, Jimmy easily can beat and draw any of the clubs higher rated players. His blitz game is also pushed further with speed on the clock and on the board. Jimmy is probably the favorite to win group C if playing solid and using his nice endgame technique. We wish the best!

Kasper Hörnqvist SWE ELO 1551 LASK 1442


(Gerold vs Kasper)

Kasper is getting more and more experienced at tournament level, playing in the open Swedish Grand Prix in Norrköping. At his best peaks he can bring a lot of big set ups, especially in blitz rating and speed chess where his potential is increasing with every game. Together with Jimmy and Bezhad this is a very open group that challenges everyone to really perform and give their best into the board! Big up!

Bezhad Khosnood IRAN LASK 1715 ELO (part result 1800+)

bild 4

(Alvarsson vs Bezhad)

Bezhad is one to watch out for, we tell you. With his forcing and energetic style on the board, Mr Khosnood is one player for the future. He holds many great victories in blitz and great games in standard play. If he well be in the ”it” with the board, ”Puma” might as well win group C! Welcome to the tournament!

Group D

Lars-Olov Norqvist LASK 1422

bild 2

LOA is a player that can suprise anyone with rocksolid play and nice positional play. His merits include draw against Helge Magnussen and a draw against Magnus Stenius, on winning positions in both games! We look forward to see how, the gentleman will do in group D!

Alexis Ahmuda SWE (LASK 1300)


(Mahmood vs Alexis right!)

Alexis comes form the new-beginners training group and it will be nice to see him perform at the board in competition and not only in training. As one of Kent Munyuas adepts, he has a lot of skills and basic knowledge to change the results in group D.

Mamhood IRAN (LASK 1500)

Mahmood is also from the new-beginners group and might as well win group D. He is very upfront on the board and challenge anyone for a game. ASSU will follow Mahmoods play closely!

Najda IRAN (LASK 1200)


(Elisabeth vs Nadja)

Nadja will face a test and get a lot of experience playing a rating span that suits her development on the board. We are happy that women in our club is competing and taking part in more and more events. Welcome!



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