CM Engman winner of SUMMERHEAT III, The New ASSU Prodigy Viktor Alvarsson Takes Second Place



CM Engman winner of SUMMERHEAT III; both playing and bein tournament director at the same time! Well done ASSU Boy.

But the big performance is ASSU:S own prodigy Viktor Alvarsson, who came second with 5 out of 7.


ASSU:s player Med student Viktor Alvarsson scored 5/7 earning him a fantastic performance around 2000 in ELO and a lot of new elo points.

Alvarsson goes from one matter of solving chess problems to wining both the rating prize and finishing second after Engman.

With his result this season he has probably played himself into the first ASSU 1: team in a very short matter of time.

Sharing third place is ASSU:s newest member Dr. Michael Piwowar from Poland (havent played since he was a young man in Poland at age 16, with a 1700 rating at the time), with a good score, 4,5/ 7 and Isak Ersholt 4,5. Piwowar took a FIDE Norm at 1900 as well! Congratulations. The Tournament was indeed an international event with 5 different nations representative (Chile, Poland, Iran, Sweden and Finland)!


Piwowar on the right playing. on the left closest, SK Rockaden Umeå junior player Julian Guerra Alamos who fought bravely and hanged in there!


Isak also made a strong tournament and finishing with 4,5 point only loosing to Engman and a + 1830 performance.

SK Rockaden Umeås Mikael Forsberg started in a very high tempo, playing great  inspiring chess, with wins against Schack 64 Lars-Göran Carlsson and ASSU:s Magnus Stenius (who arranged a lot of the tournament during play and did not perform in his usual rating span), he was at the top board in round 6, in a good position at the board, before falling for the queen king fork trap.


Picture from Zordix, the neighbour clubs rescent tournament on the right playing teammate Henrik Olofsson.

ALSO: FIDE NORMS to the following persons:

1. Alexis Ahuamada who alos made his big break through, getting a fide norm beating two players and close to 1700.

2. Mahmood, Faraz, who got his first FIDE Norm.

3. Markus Kvist who just made his FIDE norm by holding Rasmus Nyman to a draw, scoring 1/3 ELO rated opponents.


ASSU: Markus Kvist 1390 with a + 1650 fide performance


Mahmood and Alexis


And for now, ASSU will have some more training for two weeks up to midsummer. Then were closing for the season, opening up in the end of July.

Next in line for ASSU:s events are the Chess training Camp in Ledusjö/ Nordmaling and then SUMMERHEAT IV is coming up in mid August! Welcome back then!

So, take your chance to play in a beatyful chess veneu hall, perfect boards, LIVE boards, great panorama windows, light and bright.

Finally, in the fall, we will probably most likely have a special weekend tournament with a secret top Elite GM player, who will give simultan and a lecture! More info will follow! The Board of ASSU will arrange and make final decision of format and style. Everyone is welcome to take part in tournament and simultan (set to max 25 boards so first to sign up).

Special ASSU T-shirts, we will try to arrange to buy Hoodies with ASSU Logo, so if interessted, sign up the list and we will order when we are enough interested.

Thanks to all players, and especially to Rickard an Magnus for arranging the tournament.

We will get back with info regarding the speed chess ELO results.

We will publish some exciting games from the tournament.


We know chess





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