Club Opens on Tuesday the 16th 18.00 With Welcome Fika and blitz/ Klubben öppnar upp med fika och välkomstblixt den 16/1, kl. 18.00

ASSU öppnar sina portar nästa vecka den 16/1 kl 18.00. ASSU Open again next week 16/1. CM Rickard Engman, Main Coach at ASSU Greets everyone welcome back in the new year.  Vi spelar blixt och fikar. We are opening again on the 16/1 at 18.00. We will play some blitz and have Swedish Fika.

Next game up is on the 10th of February, when our first team will play Rockaden in the derby. Welcome!

This spring ASSU and Rockaden will most probably host a joint Spring Tournament over 8 rounds ELO-registrated to motivate more competative play and we hope that as many as possible will join us in this shared tournament – ”The Umeå Championships in Chess” – Umeåmästerskapen i Schack. There is still plans

Remember to pay the Fee to the club to be a licensed player at Swedish Chess federation and be able to take part in tournaments.

1. year 2018 – 600 kr. Allowed to play all tournaments, ELO, Allsvenskan and more.

2. one semester 400 kr. To play at the clubs tournament.

3. supporting member 100kr.


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