Big Times Ahead for ASSU Chess Club

The coming months at ASSU is not slowing down the pace. No sir, not at all. We are wrapping up this seasons ending with a lot of offers on the ”squared” plate. Winter Chess tournament is finalizing, Spring finale is coming right up, Summerheat V, with live-transmission on multiboards is right on the corner (some exciting players are joining in), and on top of it all we all gather for a lecture on Rolf Maartens and Alchekin with Mr Göran Broström with fika for everyone. 

Having said that, we also end this semester with a party in the humanities building. WELCOME, join in U2! So, join in and follow us in our tracks. Tonight we watch the last game in WCT between Tobias ”Hard-Rock Café” Boman vs. Viktor ”Varsity” Alvarsson in round 7. With a draw Alvarsson can secure his tournament win this spring.


Mr Alvarsson left playing the white pucks at the Swedish div II earlier this term.


Tonight: There will be som lectures, beginners training, information on Spring Finale this evening. Also, we will enjoy som blitz and watch, analyze games from Norway Chess with GM Nils Grandelius, who held the Worldchampion GM Magnus Carlsen to a draw and the former GM Vladimir Kramnik as well to a draw with the black pieces!

SPRING FINALE: Coming up this Thursday, many players in the club has asked for standard games. In this 3-round robin cup, we will have two groups. Those with ELO above 1600 and those below. If we are to few or more players we will change format in some small details.Go and get your ELO norm now!

As planned we will go for 1 hour + 15 seconds for total game in group B. In group A we will go for 1.30 hour + 30 seconds for the game. Join in! Last chance to three rounds of ELO action on homeground. Club-players from other clubs are welcome to participate with a fee of 100-150 kr.


Do it! Come in and play u too like Mahmood and Alexis, we have great facilities for playing chess and improving your game. We have our own FIDE trainer and much much more. WELCOME to ASSU!

I learned a lot from playing and training at ASSU. Alexis.


On the 26th of April. Göran Broström will hold a lection about Rolf Maartens and Alchekin. Be on TIME! 18.00 sharp. We will give Swedish FIKA for free this evening. Bring all your buddies and friends for a lecture that we rarely see or get elsewhere in Norrland. WELCOME!



Mr Broström: 2400 + ELO here seen in TEAM I at ASSU left.



FIDE-Dr Magnus Stenius ELO 1833 playing for ASSU first TEAM. Deep concentration. Here seen at Summerheat tournament.

Invitation is coming up. We are planning to transmit multigames on many boards. We hope for many to join in this fantastic tournament at ASSU. There will be 7 rounds of actions. Rating prize and more. Bookshops selling and the chance to play first class chess in a fantastic venue at the university. WELCOME! DATES- 3-5 June.

It’s great to play in such a nice room at campus. The silence, the professional arrangements and time-control with ELO at ASSU. Come and play and enjoy a great tournament and see for yourself. Magnus Stenius, winner of Summerheat II.



Be like ASSU member Martin Krecji and sign in to our club. Get your pieces together and set your pen, scoresheet and brain ready!


We will soon have our yearmeeting at the club: More information to come/ follow.

And finally PARTYTIME: We will host a party before the summer with some food, snacks and drinks. We will play the inofficial club championship in Chock. WELCOME! Date will probably be on the 14th of MAY.


SUME 006

Dr Michal Piwowar SWE/POL. ELO 1889 playing for ASSU and representing in the first TEAM.

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