B and C Group Results From This Falls Autumn Chess Tournament! + ASSU Player of The Year!

B Group:

In Autumn Chess Tournament Isak Ersholt wins on 4,5 point out of 5. Second came Jimmy Norqvist on 3,5 points. And third, Gerold Jäger came on third place. Congratulations to all players for a good tournament.

SUME 131

Isak Ersholt, winner of Group B. With a good score and a nice climbing above the 1800-ELO point ladder. Will we see Mr Hayes play in Rilton ELO this coming Christmas Break?! If there are any other ASSU members who wants to play in Rilton Cup, contact Stockholms Chess Federation. Invitation here!

B Group Results here.

C group

In group C of the Falls Autumn Chess Tournament LASK rated. Lars-Olov Norqvist, ”The gentleman” wins on 4 points, with a good performance score above 1600 level. Second: Benjamin Fjellström on three points from Uppsala ASK. Third. Benn Malca finishes third on three points. Congratulations to all players.

bild 3

Winner of Group C: The Gentleman Lars-Olov!

ASSU – Player of the Year this Season is Michael Piwovar shared with Viktor Alvarsson!

Both players have gained a lot of ELO-rating, been active in the club, played for the first team and are excellent ASSU Ambassaders!

IMG_4667 IMG_4664

Alvarsson and Michael Piwovar, this years ASSU player of the year! They share this top space, as they are both equal in their chess progress and as team mates!


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