Autumn Chess Tournament Recap: Come in U2 and Join The Fun!

Our current Veteran Swedish Champion Lennart ”the Traveller” Sandström, headlining the news today, in proud Jersey, sponsored by teammate Mr Kent Munyua! ACT 2016, has so far being a great sucess with norms in FIDE rating and good games all over! Check It Out for Yourself to See.

Firstly we congratulate Lars-Olov Norqvist who has earned his first ELO-norm, when defeating our professor German player Gerold Jäger. A fantastic fighting game from both parts!

As we have reported earlier, Australian player, Cameron Fetterplace, got himself, his ELO norm striking back Julian Alamos Guerra in round 3.

And Rasmus Nyman fighting spirit is on a winning streak, six games sweap! Pictures from round 4, and from training, celebration at Rött and others below.

img_0223 img_0225 img_0219 img_0230

Today we look into round 5, with some inspiring match up on the table. After Isak ”Hayes” Ersholt played a draw against his clubmate Jan ”The Magician” Backsten, Magnus ”The Stud” Stenius is in sole lead. It will be of great interrest what ”Wonderboy” Nyman can do with his form. Has he topped it for the fight?

Lars-Olov plays Backsten and Isak meets ”Down under” Fetterplace. While Julian plays German ”Professor Jäger with the white pucks! The games are on, let the best player win or draw the best clubmates there is.

So, welcome in today for some good actions on the board!

WE serve FIKA, and we socialize, play some games, some bitz and kibbitz. We look at theory, opening reportoires etc.

Join the fun, join ASSU, the best Club around.


We are a Chess Club that is integral at the University Campus at Umeå University. Modelled back in 2013, after the Amercian university Chess Club system, we decided to start up our own club, get former club players going, let us serve under our own flag and draft students, that come here and often are chess players. We believe we can grow and become a huge social group and not only a regular chess club. We have social activities, parties, dinners, games and other stuff on the menue for you! At the moment we are around 40 members that are playing. In a total since the opening almost 100 people have played and visited our club. We have had more than 20 international students visiting us. And currently we run two teams in the Swedish Chess Leauge system. ASSU 1 plays in Div II and ASSU II plays in Div III. Our goal is to always prosper, have an open athmosphere and let everyone feel welcomed.

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