ASSU IV vs. ASSU III = 1-3. ASSU III wins a well fought match over all boards.

Todays match at campus was played well with many interesting positions. Rasmus Nyman held Isak Ersholt for a long time in an Italian game, but lost a quality in the middle game, and Isak could win.

Magnus and Lars-Olov played a sharp line in London system – the Sarratt Attack. In the middle game Magnus came better and could finally fork the king an Bishop, with some luck.

Todays winner was Simon Malm who beat his much higher rated opponent Stipo as black. in the fantasy variation in the Caro-cann. Simon played well and Stipo defended but Simon came with an attack with knights on th kings side open file.

Finally, Lennart Sandström could win as black over Daniel Lindgren.



Magnus Stenius – Lars-Olov Norqvist 1 – 0

Isak Ersholt – Rasmus Nyman 1 – 0

Stipo Mihajlevic – Simon Malm 0 – 1

Lennart Sandström – Daniel Lindgren 1 – 0

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