ASSU 2 vs. ÖSS 2

ASSU II wins at home in a close match, 3-2 against Östersunds second team, in the last round of DivIII.

ASSU brought a strong team but left one walk over. Östersund arrived with four men and left two walk overs. Thus the match started 1-0 with an ASSU lead.

After about one hour of play Östersund had won at table two and four. Thus winning both of their games as black and taking a 2-1 lead. After some exciting play team captain Kent Munyua won his endgame and the match was tied.

The new club member Alexander Agrell, making his first appearance in Allsvenskan for ASSU, secured the win for him self and the team after a well played game. Well played! 🙂



Kent Munyua 1921 1-0 Åke Myrberg 1643

Tobias Boman 1802 0-1 Bo Wik 1804

A.Agrell1748 1-0 Andreas Olofsson 1666

B.Khoshnood 1666 0-1 Bengt Öberg 1656

W.O 0-0 W.O

Lars Olov Norqvist 1725 1-0  W.O

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