Allsvenskan Results

Results from 14/11. ASSU I and ASSU II.

ASSU I – Fagervik/Sundsvall SS we won this match this Saturday, on homeground After one hour of play did the visitors totally have the better of it but at the end did  ASSU turn some tables and scored a clear victory with 5½ – 2½ ASSU II won their match against Östersund SS III with 3½ – 2½ away in Östersund, well played ASSU!

Today this Sunday, both teams lost, after fighting well.

SK Rockaden II – ASSU I 5 – 3 both teams did use some substitute players and everything seemed to be very unclear which team would emerge victorious at the end a lot of games Good positions was won or lost  The audience could not complain about the excitement!

After this little unnecessary loss will it be difficult to achieve DivI status but we do have a very good chance to keep our Div II status as a team

Östersund SS II – ASSU II 4,5 – 1,5

Unfortuntely was ASSU II forced to only play their matches with 5 players and Östersund SS II was in the end to difficult for our ASSU Warriors


Some players in ASSU who deserves credit for good performance is Michal Piwowar 2/2 and Isak Ersholt ( 1/1 ) as black  who defeated Per Hjalmarsson allmost 300 rating points higher rated!

In ASSU II did Lars Olov Norqvist ( 2/2 ) and Jimmy Norqvist  (1½/2 ) perform well and deserves to be praised

We also wanna to give credit for our number one player mr Göran Broström who played a fighting draw against Henrik Isaksson Rockaden II

Its good to have Göran Broström back in the Team

Its time to end this excitement Chessweekend

Welcome to join us on club evenings Tuesday or Thursdays !

Some pictures: below.

IMG_4659 IMG_4664 IMG_4665 IMG_4667

Loa won two games this weekend! Well done.

results here.

Standings here!

ASSU is on fourth place in the DIV II Group.


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