Alexanders Special introduction Blitz and Yesterdays Training

Yesterdays club evening focused at some games from SUMMERHEAT III and ended with a special blitz for our new russian chessclub friend Dr. Alexander Talyzin from the Physics Department (appointed 1700 LASK) at ASSU. A former club player from St Petersburg, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

RESULTS: A very funny and great blitz tournament with many enjoyable and amusing  games!

Double round berger blitz 3+3 seconds:

1. CM Rickard Engman 2247 ASSU 12 p/ 14

2. Bhezad Khosnhood ASSU 1715 10 p

3. Dr. Lars Frängsmyr  ASSU 1655 10 p

4. Dr. Alexander Talyzin ASSU 1700 8 p

5. Jimmy Norqvist ASSU 1438 6,5 p

6. Magnus Stenius ASSU 1768 5 p

7. Alexis Ahumada ASSU 1450 3 p

8. Julian Guerra Alamos SK Rockaden Umeå 1300 0,5 p (Julian took a very nice half point against Magnus in a Prussian game!)


IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1137

Do you want join the future club of chess? A club that combines studies with a chess club located on campus at Umeå University? That are close to science, academy and to the social events of our activities? A place you can go to and get lectures, training and even international rated elite level competitions and play on all levels? We are located just above the library and have evenings every Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays we have more beginners training and on Thursday’s we have more elite training and competitions and FIDE Tournaments. We are a chess club that focuses towards creativity, fantasy, to have a great time in our environment and we basically modeled after Britain and US University Chess Clubs integral with a university representative.

We have dinners, talk, lectures, blitz, bowling, disc play, pizza evenings, sport events, and we all share one common thing, the deep interest in analysis, tactics, strategy of the 64 squared boards!

So come and join us!



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