Vi har träning i form av föreläsningar på tisdagar och mer spelinriktad träning eller turneringsspel på torsdagar.
Vi håller vanligtvis till i  UB 335, UB 336 och börjar kl 18.00. Eventuella ändringar meddelas på hemsidan.

We have training in form of lectures on Tuesdays and games or tournaments on Thursdays
We usually are in UB 335, UB 336 and start at 18.00.
Any changes will be posted on the website.

Välkomstmässan / The Welcome for New Students

What a day, what a day… and so many new students that found our frontdesk at Universum!

A lot of new students has signed the information paper and showed interest to come and visit the club.

Also, two international club players showed up, for which we are very happy. We will meet today above the university library and there will be Swedish fika, some information about the upcoming season, some short lecture and finally free play. Tonight we just mingle and have a great time at the Club!



IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0183

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New Season New Players New Welcome Reception

Dear all ASSU members and forthcoming members and visitors. This Thursday on the 3rd of September at 10.00 we will have table in the Lindellhall to welcome new potential students and members to our Academic Chess Society. We will be present all day, and hopefully as many as possible can join in and come to our desk to meet n greet incoming students. This is our great opportunity as a official student representative to show our activity to interested people.

So come and join us this Thursday. We will meet up around 9.00 to bring our stuff to our frontdesk.



And… We all ready have some new players incoming for the forthcoming ”Allsvenska” season. ASSU will be representing in DIV II and DIV III and also in ”Länsserien” (The County Leauge). Be ready for a great upcoming season.

NN (We will publish names and affiliation when officially registration players for our team is finished and the board of ASSU has approved them.

More information on the Chess-Camp training will be posted in the end of this week.

Pictures below from last welcome session at the University Campus!

bild 2 (5) bild 3 (5) bild 4 (6) bild 1 (4) bild 3 (6) bild 5 (5)

The Academic Chess Society was instigated ca two years ago around October and is modeled after British and American Chess Clubs connected to it’s universities.

We are located just above the university library and we have begginers training at Tuesdays. On Thursday’s we host more advance training and competitions.

We have free coffee and fika.

Welcome to join in and be a part of this super fun and relaxed Clubs atmosphere. Anyone is welcome to join in our Chess Society!


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Chess Training With CM Engman Today

FIDE CM and Chess Trainer Rickard Engman will give lecture today above the university library.

Anyone is welcome to join in. Not a member in the University Chess Club? Join in for tree three times (lectures), try, grab and move the pieces on the board. After ending sessions, either become a supporting member or a full part member!

WELCOME to an Exciting season with us!


You never walk alone in our club! (Liverpool slogan) Pic: Yelizatova.

SNEAK PEAK From last Tuesday below.

Some seven players showed up for this semesters first session. We played ”the clock” the looser moving one step to the next board and so on”.

IMG_0160 IMG_0161

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Tisdag 25 Augusti 16;15 Styrelsemöte , 18:15 Medlemsmöte

Det kommer bland annat att handla om Allsvenskan och flera andra viktiga punkter.

Tidpunkt för ytterligare möten beslutas av styrelsen och meddelas på hemsidan.

Vi kommer troligen att vara i UB 335

ASSU hälsar alla medlemmar välkomna!

Schack är roligt!

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Club evening tonight! And…Team building camp in late September ”THE MIGHTY CHESS PARADE”

The Club is opened this evening. We are located at Lindell café. Welcome!

In the end of September ASSU are planning a weekend with team-building for upcoming Allsvenskan. Team 1 have 8 spot’s for those interested and additionally 4 will be for other’s in the club who wants to join in.We will go by the rating list from the top and then ask for participation. A total of 12 beds are available. The cost will be around 300 kronor for each member. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included.

We will be located just south of Norrbyskär, where there will be plenty room for chess, dinners, talks, discussions, and other event.

The Board of ASSU will make final date and other request decisions about the camp. Chef will be Magnus Stenius, and main coach Rickard Engman.

preliminary schedule: (OBS NOT SET).

For this event only members in ASSU can join in.

Friday 17.30 Transport with two cars to Kylören.

18.00 Arrive and accommodation

19.00 Short info and chess practice 1 hour.

20.30 Fresh air and walk to the harbor and the protected forest at the peak lake. 15 minutes west.

21.30 Hot tube outside with dish and beverage, soft drinks, etc. Toast grilled with jarlsberg cheese and ham.

22.30 free time chess, blitz, socializing

23.30 Sleep time


8.35 Breakfast will be served, egg, coffee, tea, milk, serial, toast, cheese, jam, etc.

9.25 FIDE CM Rickard Engman will give class and lectures.

10.25 Coffee with cookie and walk to the beachview to ”Skorrsand and the bird lake”. 5 minutes off

11.05 Chess-lectures and training

11.50 free time

12.30 Lunch Pasta tagiattelli with smoked turkey, tomato and fresh baguette, salad drinks, with coffea.

13.00 Free time

13.25 Blitz rounds, chess training and psychology training

15.00 Break

15.30 5 Rounds of pentathlon two and two, sniping, with air gun, soft boll throw, etc

17.15. break.

18.15. Dinner evening with grilled meat and baked potato, sauce and salad, comes with desert whipped cream and cake.

20.00 Walk to old Valviken and the fishermen’s village and the quiz walk! 10 minutes away north

21.15 Free time, socializing, playing, blitzing kibbitzing.

21.50 Musician evening with guitar, song and chess playing etc.



9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Chess training

11.15 Walk to the old ruin and farmers place at the stone island in the cove 10 minutes away south

12.30 Lunch Fish n chips

13.30 Chess training

14.50 Summing up the camp, discussions and debriefing

15.15 transport to the city

Our motto, It doesn’t matter what rated players our oppents will bring to the table: We bring more energy and powers anyhow!

Mostly welcome!


Pictures of the peninsula where the chess team building camp will be located

IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0105










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The club is open tonight tuesday.

The club is open and we meet in Lindellhallen at the upstairs café.

We will look at games from Summer Heat 4 and have cofee.

Welcome :)



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Michael Mattson winner of the SummerHeat IV

It was Michael Mattsson who was the strongest with a total score of 5 wins and 2 draws he earned his ”spot in the Sun” as the winner of SummerHeat IV.

Top five and winners of prize money was:

1. Michael Mattsson  Schack 64 Haparanda  6/7 ( Winner of The First Prize )

2. Ingemar Wincent  Rockaden Umeå 5/7  ( Winner Of  The Second Prize )

Second place: Ingemar Vincent

Second place: Ingemar Vincent

3. Lars Göran Carlsson 4,5 /7  Schack 64 Haparanda ( Shared Third Prize )

4. Michal Piwowar           4,5/7   ASSU ( Shared Third Prize and the winner of The Group Prize

5. Mikael Forsberg           4,5/7   Rockaden Umeå ( Shared Third Prize )

ASSU congratulates the winners and hope all participants enjoyed SummerHeat IV

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Mattson och Carlsson i topp efter rond 5 av SummerHeat IV

Det som var jämt i snabbschacket blev udda i långpartierna av SummerHeat IV. Helge Magnussen kunde tyvärr inte spela rond 4-6 pga extra på jobbet. Det blev därmed udda antal men kanske jämnare i turneringstabellen. I toppen finns Schack 64 Haparanda  spelare Michael Mattsson och Lars Göran Carlsson med 4/5 tätt följda av Mikael Forsberg Rockaden Umeå och Mats Liljenberg SS Luleå med 3,5 /5 De har alla goda chanser att bli någon av de tre främsta. Även ett gruppris till den främste av de sju lägst rankade i turneringen kommer att delas ut. Även där är det ovisst vem som vinner. Spännande upplösning är att vänta!

Schack är roligt!

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Torsdags träning!

Vi kommer att ha schack imorgon torsdag ca 18:15 – 21:00

Vi tränar schack och vi förbereder SummerHeat IV


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”Its Getting Hot In Here” SUMMERHEAT IV Is Upcoming!

SUMMERHEAT IV at the Humanities building is burning around the corner. Welcome to an exciting FIDE tournament. With international flavor!
Come and join us have fun, play, break and make som friends, elo points, chess analysis. Tournament director mr Kent Munyua and chief arbiter is CM Engman followed by Lars-Göran Carlsson. Players presented with pictures and info below! 16 player’s right now signed up for our FIDE-Tournament.
Mostly Welcome!


ELO              LASK

1. CM Rickard Engman             2189         2247 ASSU Sweden (The Champion from Summerheat III is the defending nr 1).


2. Helge Magnussen            2054              2087 SK Rockaden Umeå Germany (Helge has a high level expertise and might win SUMMERHEAT IV).

bild 4 (2)

3. Mikael Mattsson             2034                2092 Schack 64 Sweden (We are happy that Mikael is back to play our tournament).

bild 2 (4)

4. Lars-Göran Carlsson    2002                 1949  Schack 64 Sweden (Mr L-G in his best peformances can beat anyone!)

bild 3-1

5. Bengt Sjöström               1921                  1800 Lövångers SK Sweden (Bengt, is playing at a very high level at his age, impressive).

bild 2 (2)

6. Ingemar Wincent          1863                  1862 Rockaden Umeå Sweden (Ingemar is touring open tournaments and Swedish Granbd prix a lot, great!).

bild 3 (2)

7. Mats Liljenberg              1819                   1736 SS Luleå Sweden (Welcome to Mats, playing for the first time at ASSU venue)

8. Mikael Forsberg             1793                  1702 Rockaden Umeå Sweden (Mr Forsberg is a guest coming back to us, can win any game, great performance last time).

SUME 019

9. Dr Michal Piwowar                                   1690 ASSU Polen Sweden (Our newest member, Dr Piowar is getting better and better at the table!, watch out!).

SUME 037


10. Isak Ersholt                      1719                  1670 ASSU Sweden (Mr Hayes, a serious player, with high performance when in form)!

SUME 126

11. Kasper Hörnkvist           1537                  1442  ASSU Sweden (Kasper is getting stronger and dangerous at the board!)

bild 3

12. Jimmy Norqvist            1649                 1438   ASSU Sweden (Jimmy can make big upsets on the board when in the mood!)

bild 3(1)

13. Mahmood Faraz                                        1500   ASSU Iran (Mahmood took his first ELO-norm last time, will be interessting to watch out!)


14. Lars Olov Norqvist                                   1422 ASSU Sweden (The gentleman, LOA at his bets times, can outplay anyone!).


15. Markus Kvist                                              1390 ASSU Sweden (Markus also took his first ELO-norm, has a high level of analysis capacity at the board!).


16. Julian Guerra Alamos          Junior                     1300 SK Rockaden Umeå Sweden (Julian is a junior player that will break through soon, will it be now?)

SUME 045


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Chess Training now on Thursday 18:00!

ASSU will reunite now on Thursday 2015-08-06 You are welcome to join.

We will train chess

We will talk chess

We will play chess

We will be at ” Lindell” Above The University Library.

Chess is joyful

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Smygpremiär ikväll kl 18:00 för säsongens första klubbkväll!

Det blir klubbkväll ikväll är tanken lite prat om ChessCamp , Seriespelet samt en strategiskt enkel öppning. Obs! vi kan ej vara på det normala stället Utan vi är i UB 304 eller vid fiket . Var bestäms på plats ikväll! Om frågor ring Rickard Engman 0768 230 379

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Väl spontan klubbkväll på Rött

Tanken  var mycket god ,,,Att rent spontant ha en liten klubbkväll med bara några timmars varsel,,,

Dock kom det en överraskning restaurang Rött har stängt! ( Var det hotet att  gängmedlemmar från ASSU skulle komma som gjorde att de bommade igen? :-) Har senare fått veta att ägaren hade skadat sig och därför var restaurangen stängd. Oklart när den öppnar igen)

Vi kommer tillbaka någon annan dag.

Vi gillar Schack.

Vi gillar gemenskap.

Schack är roligt!

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Spontan klubbkväll på Rött ikväll kl 19:30!

Vi är nu ett antal gängmedlemmar från ASSU  som kommer att gå till Rött ( Resturang / Pub  Berghem ) nu ikväll från 19:30

Vi tar med bräde pjäser. Kom med glatt humör så ses vi på Rött

Ring Rickard Engman 0768 230 379 eller Kent Munyua 070 367 33 75 för mer information

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Chess-Camp finalized and SUMMERHEAT as well as gates opening up at our club!

Chess Camp in Ledusjö is over for this time. Thanks to our head coach Rickard Engman for hosting us and hospitality!

The club is opening up its gates on the third of August at Campus university. Welcome back the, to an exciting season with ASSU!

Next in line we have SUMMERHEAT IV.

Players are starting to sign up. Welcome to join us in August!

1. Dr Michael Pivowar

2. Markus kvist

3. CM Rickard Engman

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Kicking off big time, Chess Camp in Ledusjö, has started with CM Engman and Urban Eriksson (who today runs triathlon, training for iron-man!),  as instructors. The editor had a short visit yesterday evening to check into the last practicalities, everything seemed to run smoothly. A lot of expected people showing up today in the beautiful valley where the Camp is located in the County of Nordmaling. Pictures will be posted.

In meantime we role our dices and look forward to a great season.


Join the FUN!


Let’s play Chess!

DSC_0104 DSC_0106 DSC_0107

Ledusjön fotograferad från väg 353 i Ledusjö, vid sjöns nordöstra hörn.

Beautiful Ledusjö (Photo Deryni, Wikipedia).

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Summer Heat IV 14-16 Augusti 2015

Den 14-16 Augusti 2015 spelas Summer Heat IV, med 3 ronder snabbschack och 4 ronder långpartier.

Inbjudan finns här.

De preliminärt Anmälda till SummerHeat IV är:

ELO              LASK

1. Rickard Engman             2189               2247 ASSU

2. Helge Magnussen           2054               2087 Rockaden Umeå

3. Mikael Mattsson             2034              2092 Schack 64

4. Lars-Göran Carlsson    2002               1949  Schack 64

5. Bengt Sjöström               1921                  1800 Lövångers SK

6. Ingemar Wincent          1863                  1862 Rockaden Umeå

7. Mats Liljenberg               1819                   1736    SS Luleå

8. Mikael Forsberg             1793                 1702 Rockaden Umeå

9. Michal Piwowar                                         1690 ASSU

10. Isak Ersholt                      1719                  1670 ASSU

11. Kasper Hörnkvist           1537                  1442  ASSU

12. Jimmy Norqvist            1649                 1438   ASSU

13. Mahmood Faraz                                        1500   ASSU

14. Lars Olov Norqvist                                   1422 ASSU

15. Markus Kvist                                               1390 ASSU

16. Julian Guerra Alamos                              1300 Rockaden Umeå

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Chess Camp 22 – 26 Juli !

Schackläger i Ledusjö / Nordmaling 22 – 26 Juli

Vi tränar schack kostnad 200 kr/ dag  mat och husrum ingår.

Vi går igenom bla grundläggande till mer avancerad nivå av bonde samt tornslutspel , isolerad bonde , Springare mot löpare , tankar runt öppnings/ mittspel flera kommenterade partier , olika obalanserade ställningar materiel, positionell etc

Vi spelar självklart även träningspartier eller enbart för skoj.

Vi sysslar inte bara med schack utan vi har även andra aktiviteter.

Man måste inte vara med på allt utan man betalar bara för de dagar man kan vara med.

Betalning sker antingen kontant på plats eller så betalar man till ASSU      bg 547-8748

De som vill vara med tar kontakt med Rickard Engman 0768 230 379 för mer information

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Schack SM igång

Schack SM har börjat.


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Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström: Man of the evening

DSC_0087ASSU is still going strong through out the whole of summer. Kent ”Big Machine” held another evening of intense chess at his flat in Berghem.

Eight people showed up and blitz games and socializing with beer was the main activity taking place. After 23:00 three brave ASSU-boyz ventured to the boat ”Båten” and had another round.

Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström led the way to Båten and talked the loudest all evening. Thus showing everyone how to make the most of a good evening.

Thank you Pennan! :)



A rare rose of friendship. :)

A rare rose of friendship. :)


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ASSU aftermath.


It was a nice evening with ten people at Terrängvägen this week. The club president showed tactical prowess against Kristos visiting from Greece and ”Roocking Tower” Hedqvist. Jimmy ”Dean” Norqvist held his ground against Isak ”Hayes” playing Shock late in the evening.

Kent ”Big Machine” played 10 min blitz against Peter from Ö-vik, result? 1-1! Behzad trained hard showing great skill in analyzing a prepared game.

Rickard ”Big Papa” brought boards and snacks. :)

We train again Wednesday at 18:00 Terrängvägen 6B due to a succeful event.







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Time to train

Welcome to chess training!

This Wednesday 18:00 ASSU will train i Berghem, Terrängvägen 6B at my place, Kent Munyua.

Some of you can bring a chessboard since I only have one setup. Feel free to bring beer or your favourit beverage. After the training(during?) we will stay for some after hours beer.

Come as you are and enjoy Wednesday chess at Kent’s place ;)



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Glad Midsommar!

ASSU tar ledigt och firar midsommar!

Vi återkommer i Juli åter med klubbkvällar samt vårt träningsläger SummerCamp

Håll utkik på vår hemsida om mer detaljer

Tag gärna kontakt med Rickard Engman om SummerCamp för mer information. vill ni delta ? Som deltagare ? Som arrangör?

0768 230 379

Den veckovisa uppdateringen av vår hemsida kommer att fortsätta även under sommaren!

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Pictures from SUMMERHEAT III and Frisbee Session

8 mer eller mindre nybörjare vågade sig ut i I20 skogen, där nybörjarna började med kast närmare 10 meter, men till slut knäckte de som fuskat förut.De åtta blev två lag där 4 nybörjare möte 4 med erfarenhet. Nybörjarna fick handikapp så att de inte skulle bli krossade av de erfarna. I början fick nybörjarna halvera sina kast men det visade sig var ett för stort handikapp för de erfarna att rå på inte minst pga att Gerold Jäger spelade starkt.

Gerold chockade oss alla med sin okända talang i frisbee golf, med sina långa raka kast och därmed passade handikappet till skogstrollen.De resterande nio ” hålen” spelades med endast ett slag i handikapp. Det blev en mycket lyckad ändring då av de kvarvarande ” hålen vann varje lag var sitt hål och resten slutade oavgjort med de nya handikapp reglerna.

Alla spelare hade något kast som var utmärkt även om en del ibland såg ut att försöka avverka skog. Alla inblandade var nog nöjda med tillställningen ,,,, men mest glada var nog myggen!

Efteråt så blev det pizza och blixt schack och ett ”Stormästarpart” i Go, däremot rostade dart pilarna fast i tavlan då surret tog över föreställningen.

Vi i ASSU gillar schack men vi tycker även om att göra andra saker,,,, Har ni något trevligt förslag som ni tycker vi borde göra,,,,, Fram med det var inte blyg!

Pictures from Fresbee and SUMMERHEAT III

Photographer Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström

SUME 148 SUME 151 SUME 156 SUME 159 SUME 163

SUME 001 SUME 003 SUME 006 SUME 010 SUME 011 SUME 015 SUME 016 SUME 019 SUME 037 SUME 039 SUME 042 SUME 045 SUME 049 SUME 066 SUME 086SUME 126 SUME 131 SUME 132 SUME 133 SUME 134 SUME 135 SUME 140 SUME 143 SUME 147 SUME 148 SUME 152 SUME 153 SUME 154 SUME 155 SUME 158 SUME 159 SUME 163 SUME 164 SUME 165 SUME 167


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FREESBEE GOLF Now On Saturday 15:00

nu på Lördag (13/6) klockan 15.00 på I20-banan
Haga rondellen på gamla E4 mot regementet ca 40 meter och sen till höger ca hundra meter och ta till vänster vid rödbruna ladan ca 70 meter.
Efteråt så är det mening att vi skall beställa pizza hos mig på La Strada ca 150 meter från mig
och efter det skall bli schack
eventuellt dart (bara en tavla) eller något annat
egen dryck medtages.
Lennart Sandström
min adress
Västra Prinsgatan 2
(Hedlunda, vid Tvärån) Umeå
070-40 40 958


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14 -16 Augusti: Summer Heat IV
Inbjudan, Anmälan sker via mail (Mer info och Anmälda)

Viktiga händelser

Lördag 13/6 kl 15.00:Freesbee Golf!

Dagens Problem


september  2015