Vi har träning i form av föreläsningar på tisdagar och mer spelinriktad träning eller turneringsspel på torsdagar.
Vi håller vanligtvis till i  UB 335, UB 336 och börjar kl 18.00. Eventuella ändringar meddelas på hemsidan.

We have training in form of lectures on Tuesdays and games or tournaments on Thursdays
We usually are in UB 335, UB 336 and start at 18.00.
Any changes will be posted on the website.

Time To Play! Ordinary Last Round5 In Autumn Chess Tournament

Let’s play this evening everyone. Postponed games as well! Come join us, watch exciting games, train and practice chess among friends at the club this evening!



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Results C/B Group and Blitz

C/B Group Tonight

Benjamin – Julian= 1 – 0

Gerold – Jimmy= ½-½

Itai – Benn= 0 – 1


Magnus Hedqvist wins this evenings blitz: Here is the blitz results



IMG_4715 (1)


CM Engman in discussions with mr.Broström



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Time to Vote for This years ASSU – Player + Party on the 12th of December

Dear all ASSU members, it is time to give your vote for this years ASSU-member. It can be a player who has developed  a lot on the board or a person who has done something special for the academic chess society at Umeå University. Give your votes to mr. Engman at the club. We will announce the player of the year (the board) at the end semester terms dinner at the 12th of December.

The club will host a party on the 12th of December at the humanities building 16.00 hours. We will have some dinner, play speed chess and relax, chill and sum up this fall.

Much Welcome!


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ASSU IV Laskhunters vs Sk Rockaden Umeå 2,5 – 1,5

IMG_4710 IMG_4711

Right now, ASSU play’s SK Rockaden Umeå in the County League. Just nu spelar ASSU Laskhunters mot SK Rockaden III i länsserien. Resultaten uppdateras konternueligt. Spännande match där det är full kamp på alla bord just nu.

Lask rating vid samtliga bord. ASSU IV Laskhunters vs Rockaden Umeå III = 2,5 – 1,5

Bord 1. Mikael Forsberg 1752 – Isak Ersholt 1661 = 0 – 1 (Isak ”Hayes” går in och avgör med merbonden i likafärgad löpare i slutspel. Isak bytte ner, hade bättre tid på klockan och till slut tvingades Forsbergs kung kasta in handsken).

Bord 2. Stefan Dahlblom 1471 – Kasper Hörnqvist 1450 = 0,5 – 0,5 (remi efter likfärgad vitfältslöpare i slutspel med lika många bönder, status quo och således remiss).

Bord 3. Anders Jonsson 1537 – Jonas Jonsson 1497 = 1 – 0 (Anders utjämnar matchen och kvitterar efter att ha vänt på en ställning där Jonas med de vita pjäserna såg ut att ha bra läge på att skapa problem för svarts kung)

Bord 4 . Curt Andersson 1450 – Jimmy Norqvist 1514 = 0 – 1 (en jämn fight där till slut Curt fick sträcka vapen).

MEDEL: 1552 – 1530


IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4708

I matchen borta för ASSU III (Lagkapten Benn M), har SK Rockaden Umeås lag ”Engdahl” i länsserien, tyvärr blivit tvungna att lämna Walk Over på alla bord, då man inte kunde spela matchen i lokalen och var utelåsta 30 minuter efter utsatt starttid.

Resultat: ASSU III – SK Rockaden ”Engdahl” 4 – 0

1. Lars Olov Norqvist – wo

2. Benn Malca- wo

3. Cameron Fetterplace – wo

4. Julian Alamos Guerra – wo

Det är dags för ASSU III att spela bortamatch  nu på söndag kl 13:00 mot Rockaden i länsserien Mariehemsvägen 2c

Tag kontakt med lagkapten Benn Malca 0768 171 705 för frågor runt matchen/laget

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About Bad Moves And How To Avoid Them + Postponed Games Tonight

We will discuss blunders , bad moves and the psychology behind them.

Also will we try to build a ChessSense and then it rings should we be aware of great danger

Some good rules who will help to avoid bad moves will be discussed.

Both beginners and more advanced players ,,,,Actually every level of player will find something of value

Postponed games will also be played and as usually will we play some blitz/ Fastspeed Chess just for fun


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About Bad Moves And How To Avoid Them This Evening 18:00

We will discuss blunders , bad moves and the psychology behind them.

Also will we try to build a ChessSense and then it rings should we be aware of great danger

Some good rules who will help to avoid bad moves will be discussed.

Both beginners and more advanced players ,,,,Actually every level of player will find something of value


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Allsvenskan Results

Results from 14/11. ASSU I and ASSU II.

ASSU I – Fagervik/Sundsvall SS we won this match this Saturday, on homeground After one hour of play did the visitors totally have the better of it but at the end did  ASSU turn some tables and scored a clear victory with 5½ – 2½ ASSU II won their match against Östersund SS III with 3½ – 2½ away in Östersund, well played ASSU!

Today this Sunday, both teams lost, after fighting well.

SK Rockaden II – ASSU I 5 – 3 both teams did use some substitute players and everything seemed to be very unclear which team would emerge victorious at the end a lot of games Good positions was won or lost  The audience could not complain about the excitement!

After this little unnecessary loss will it be difficult to achieve DivI status but we do have a very good chance to keep our Div II status as a team

Östersund SS II – ASSU II 4,5 – 1,5

Unfortuntely was ASSU II forced to only play their matches with 5 players and Östersund SS II was in the end to difficult for our ASSU Warriors


Some players in ASSU who deserves credit for good performance is Michal Piwowar 2/2 and Isak Ersholt ( 1/1 ) as black  who defeated Per Hjalmarsson allmost 300 rating points higher rated!

In ASSU II did Lars Olov Norqvist ( 2/2 ) and Jimmy Norqvist  (1½/2 ) perform well and deserves to be praised

We also wanna to give credit for our number one player mr Göran Broström who played a fighting draw against Henrik Isaksson Rockaden II

Its good to have Göran Broström back in the Team

Its time to end this excitement Chessweekend

Welcome to join us on club evenings Tuesday or Thursdays !

Some pictures: below.

IMG_4659 IMG_4664 IMG_4665 IMG_4667

Loa won two games this weekend! Well done.

results here.

Standings here!

ASSU is on fourth place in the DIV II Group.


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Allsvenskan ASSU I och ASSU II i Hetluften Två Matcher var i helgen!

Det är dags för ASSU I att för första gången spela i Allsvenska div II Premiären blir hemma mot Fagervik/Sundsvall Humanisthuset kl 12:00 idag lördag. I morgon söndag blir det bortamatch kl 11:00 mot Rockaden II Marihemsvägen 2c kom gärna och titta på matcherna!

ASSU II möter borta Östersund SS II och Östersund SS III

Spännande är ordet!

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AutumnChessTournament Round 4 and Training

Its time to play some chess in the AutumnChessTournament

We rest of us will practice and enjoy some chesstraining


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Training and postponed games Tuesday 2015-11-10

We will have training and look at some opening and practicing these later in fast speed chess.

The training is for both less advanced and more advanced players.


P.S keep looking on the homepage for more info and major big events to come!

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Aftermath Party

A lot of club members showed up at Big Machines place yesterday. Nice games, and a lot of laughter, with Bughouse, blitz, and much more! All rooms were full to the last chair!

Picture below!


IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4642

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Reminder PARTY On This Evening

Attention: Reminder to all ASSU Club Members:

Party with chess and beers (bring bottles) at Big Machines Place, at Terrängvägen 6B lgh1002.

18.00 hours.

Picture (

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Postponed Games/ Uppskjutna Partier ikväll

Today we focus on postponed games at the Club. Welcome. Vi spelar uppskjutna partier ikväll, välkomna.

For the others, there will be coaching in strategic chess, middle games and endings with our main coach Mr Engman.



A group

Viktor Alvarsson 1841 – Magnus Stenius 1815 0 – 1

B Group

Behzad Koohsnhood 1701 – Gerold Jäger 1781 0 – 1

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ASSU-party this Friday 18:00 @ Bigmachine’s place!


Due to Hedqvist working this weekend, ASSU-party is under way at Terrängvägen 6B lgh1002.

Kent Munyua welcomes everyone to an evening with chess and beer. Don’t forget to bring your own bottle ;)


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Results Autumn Chess Tournament

Yesterday’s games in B Group and C Group below.

B Group ELO Isak Ersholt – Gerold Jäger 0,5 – 0 ,5

C Group LASK  Cameron Fetterplace – Julian Alamos Garcia 1 – 0

The club is now focusing towards some social activities coming up in the end of this semester, keep updated with the homepage and look for more info soon.

We also welcome Stefan and Tobias, two chess players visiting us yesterday evening.

Pictures below from the evening.

IMG_4632 IMG_4635 IMG_4636IMG_4633IMG_4634


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Time For Training Tomorrow!

Welcome to train, with us, ASSU, chess club tomorrow. We are located at campus university just above the university library.

We don’t need top grandmasters, or sponsors to be successful, we are the real peoples club. At our club we are all equal, and we help each other out. But most of all, we are a club for students, academic and workers. We don’t have youth or children’s training, but we offer so much more than that. We have chess to offer for anybody, from ranking 1200 to elite-level + 2000 and further. Currently we are four teams competing in various chess leagues. There is a good chance for anybody to join in an play at your own level! let our trainer, FIDE – CM Rickard Engman, guide you together with the rest of us at the club to your chess development. We are running a three groups competing tournament at the moment during the FALL: A B C GROUP, look to the right on the homepage! Check us out and hang out with us, have a fika!

ASSU: The Happy Chess Club!



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Åkesson vann rekordjämnt Björkstadsschack

Hela fem spelare tog 6/8 men det blev stormästare Ralf Åkesson som vann Björkstadsschacket 2015 på bättre särskiljning .

Av de lokala spelarna så lyckades Rockadens Ulf Hammarström och David Nygren bäst med 5/8

Våra egna ASSU Krigare Isak Ersholt ( 3,5p )och Behzad Khoshnood( 3p ) gjorde en godkänd insats och de fick båda ett resultat över deras start nummer i turneringen.

Isak Ersholt fick åka rejäl ”schweizerhiss” där han fick omväxlande möta lågrankade och högrankade motståndare,,,Isak slog de lågrankade och förlorade mot de högrankade utom i sista ronden då blev det remi mot Mariano Cristine Rose ( ELO 2006) starkt jobbat!

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ASSU III – LASK Hunters 1,5-2,5

Det blev en del kamp i länserien mellan de båda ASSU lagen men de på papperet favorit tippade LASK Hunters vann

ASSU III   1503      LASK Hunters 1568

1. Jonas Jonsson 1497 – Isak Ersholt 1661 , 1/2 -1/2

2. Magnus Stenius  1740 – Behzad Khoshnood 1648 , 0-1

3. Benn Malca 1350 – Kasper Hörnkvist  1450, 0-1

4. Lars Olov Norqvist 1425 – Jimmy Norqvist 1514 , 1-0

Nästa omgång spelas 7 eller 8 November

LASK Hunters möter Rockaden III hemma och

ASSU III möter Rockaden ” Mikael” borta

Lagledare LASK Hunters Isak Ersholt , 070 6912857

Lagledare ASSU III Benn Malca , 076 817 1705

Tag kontakt med respektive lagledare om ni vill spela i länsserien om två veckor

Då blir ni antingen ” Ordinarie” eller ”Reserv”

Med chanser att få spela!

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Länsserien drar igång Idag kl 12:00!

Vi möter varandra inom klubben idag Söndag 2015-10-25 i länsserien ASSU III mot LASK HUNTERS

Vi börjar kl 12:00 och vi håller till i Samhällsvetarhusets källare ( Kåren)

Vid frågor kontakta Rickard Engman 0768 230 379

Kom gärna och titta även om ni inte spelar själv!

Schack är roligt!


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Results Post-Poned Games + Blitz Evening

Chess-results here for the blitz!

C Group Results Benjamin Fjällström – Benn Malca 0 – 1

B Group Results Kasper Hörnkvist Behzad Khosnhood 0 -1

Pictures below.

IMG_4573 IMG_4581 IMG_4582

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Lecture, Training and …Yez, Postponed Games

Welcome to The Academic Chess Club this evening. We are open from 18.00 pm. There will be fika and some training and lectures. We will also ask some questions to our members regarding our chess club.

Postponed games can be played this evening as well! Take the chance and play your games!


Check your Groups Below!

C Group


2 5 1223 Guerra Alamos Julian Fetterplace Cameron 1400 3
3 6 1400 Fjellström Benjamin Malca Benn 1350 4

A Group

Barrasa Juan Dr. Hedqvist Magnus

B Group

Games to be played!

1781 Jäger Gerold - – - Ersholt Isak 1705 1
1 2 1781 Jäger Gerold Faraz Mahmood 1506 5
2 3 1579 Hörnqvist Kasper Khosnood Bhezad 1703 6



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Results from this Falls Club Tournaments: ACT – A, B, C, Groups

We owe you the results from last weeks ACT (Autumn Chess Tournament)

A Group

Lars-Göran Carlsson – Viktor Alvarsson 0 – 1

Magnus Stenius – Rasmus Nyman 1 – 0

B Group

Isak Ersholt – Jimmy Norqvist 1 – 0

C Group

Alexis Ahmada – Lars-Olov Norqvist 0 – 1

This coming Tuesday, there is a chance to postponed games!


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Game on Today! Swedish Chess League DIV III

Our second team ASSU III, is playing SK Örnen on their home ground today in Ö-vik. The match is over. SK Örnen wins by one point. Congratulations to the Eagle!

Well fought ASSU – Boyz. We can take notice in that our team made a good effort. Especially Dr. Piwowar made a strong debut in the Swedish League, defeating Mr Englund. Alvarsson held Jan Viberg to a draw as black. Great work. The President of ASSU, Isak Ersholt won a good game to. Thank you ASSU for the debut today and good luck in next round! Now we are looking forward to see how ASSU first team will play. Welcome back on the 14th of November on our home-ground and the Humanities building where we will have a game against Sundsvall!



Viktor Alvarsson (right) just after his draw on board 2.

The match up looks like this: Picture below.

ASSU II                      2,5 / 3,5                SK Örnen

(ELO-rated first if no ELO then LASK)

Bord 1. Kent Munyua 1904 – Peter Olsson 2136 0 – 1

Bord 2. Viktor Alvarsson 1841 – Jan Viberg 1992 0,5 – 0,5

Bord 3. Dr. Michael Piwowar 1826 – Magnus Englund 1922 1 – 0

Bord 4. Isak Ersholt 1705 – Lars-Eric Persson 1853 1 – 0

Bord 5. Kasper Hörnkvist 1579 – Gunnar Sundman 1777 0 – 1

Bord 6. Behzad Khoshnood 1703 – Sture Domeij 1479 0 – 1






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Allsvensk Bortamatch På Söndag

Vårt andralag ASSU II premiär möter SK Örnen borta i Örnsköldsvik nu på söndag

Vi ser fram mot detta möte mot seriefavoriterna där ” Ungdomlighet” väntas möta ”Erfarenhet”

Våra förstalag ASSU I och andralag ASSU II har aldrig tidigare blivit besegrade…

Vi hoppas att efter matchen  dessa fakta skall bestå,,,, Heja ASSU II

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Beginner Course And Postponed Games Tonight

We will start beginner Course Tonight!

If you cant join tonight is it possible to join later

We will also have some training for the other players,,,

We will also play some blitz or fastspeed chess

The one who have postponed games can play tonight


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Autum chess Tournament
Resultat och Lottning: A B C

Dagens Problem


november  2015
Events on 14 november, 2015
  • ASSU - Fagervik-Sundsval (Div 2)
    Starts: 00:00
    Ends: 15 november, 2015 - 00:00
  • Östersunds SS III - ASSU II (Div 3)
    Starts: 00:00
    Ends: 15 november, 2015 - 00:00
Events on 15 november, 2015
  • Östersunds SS II - ASSU II (Div 3)
    Starts: 00:00
    Ends: 16 november, 2015 - 00:00
  • SK Rockaden Umeå II - ASSU (Div 2)
    Starts: 00:00
    Ends: 16 november, 2015 - 00:00