Vi har öppet på tisdagar.
Vi håller vanligtvis till i  UB 339 och börjar kl 18.15. Eventuella ändringar meddelas på hemsidan.

We are open on Tuesdays
We are usually in UB 339 and it starts at 18.15.
Eventual changes will be posted on the website.

Rapid training this Thursday at ASSU! Welcome – 1815-20.00

We will practice som rapid chess at the club this coming Thursday!


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Club is Open Thursday! 18.15-20.00. We will play Some Rapid Chess. Welcome!

Welcome to ASSU Today: We will play Raid Chess! Läs mer ›

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WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose and CM Rickard Engman Ties For First Place. Runner Up WIM Victoria Johansson.

A great evening with 8 players attending ASSU tonight. Good Spirit and good mood with coffee and cakes served. WIM Victoria Johansson, and WIM Cristine faced off each other early on in the tournament with Christine winning the WIM -Derby! Thx to all players who came and participating. Welcome back.

Läs mer ›

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Tuesday 13/9: ASSU Is Open. Secret Guest – WIM Viktoria Johansson will Visit our club.

Dear all ASSU members. Come and play and join us. Läs mer ›

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Final results: Summer Blitz Evening- 4 players attended ASSU Chess CLUB. CM Rickard Engman wins.

Here is the final results of the Summer Late Night Blitzing: CM Engman, jan Backsten and Alexander Agrell wins book prizes. Läs mer ›

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Final Blitz evening LIVE- Summer Late Evening Blitzing at ASSU – Tomorrow at 1845-20.00. LEG 7!

Final last Leg of summer Blizing will be played live at ASSU Chess Club! Läs mer ›

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Club will be open this Tuesday at university 1815- We are located above the Library: Welcome!

CM Engman will host this Tuesday at 1815 outside UB339 above the library. Läs mer ›

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WIM Cristine takes Second and Third place in Swedish Championship Women – Blitz and Rapid Chess

WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose from ASSU came second in blitz and third in rapid in Swedish Women Championship this weekend. Läs mer ›

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WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose Plays Swedish Championship Womens Rapid and Blitz in Stockholm this Weekend!

WIM Cristine, plays In Stockholm, Rapid and blitz for Womens Championship in Sweden. We wish her good luck!



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Premiere: Chess Club Open tonight at 18.00 pm CM Engman and a Titled Guest! Blitz and training. Join the fun!

The chess club will be open tonight, at the university. 1815-2245. Läs mer ›

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Results : 5th leg Summer Night Blitz Evening at ASSU. Jan Backsten takes home 1st, Maxi Maier 2nd, and 3rd Alexander ”The Great” Agrell

Last Thursday was the tournament of the 5th leg of the Summer Late night Blitz! 6 players showed up. After the smoke had vanished from the boards: the following results showed up…

Here are the standings in the late night Blitz evening after leg 5: 2 events to go!

Top 3 Book prizes will be shared out. 

Here are the current standings – come join the fun join in and receive a book! Two more Thursdays to go. Next tournament 26th of August at 23. pm Swedish local time. Welcome.

Top three players Backsten, Engman and Agrell! Come and join join the fun and play the upcoming 6th leg this Thursday! Book prizes to be won.

  1. Jan Backsten 13 p
  2. CM Engman 11 p
  3. Alexander Agrell 9 p
  4. Maximillian Maier 8 p
  5. Magnus Stenius 7 p
  6. Gerold Jäger 5 p
  7. WIM Cristine Wågman 4 p
  8. Magnus Hedqvist 3 p
  9. Stipo 3 p
  10. Patrik Storm 1 p








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Summer Blitz Evenings Late Night Blitzing – Book Prizes for top 3 players: Standings

Here are the standings in the late night Blitz evening: 3 events to go!  Top 3 Book prizes will be shared out. Läs mer ›

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Summer Evening Late Night Blitz! 4th leg – Round. Magnus Hedqvist wins, CM Engman Runner up and Jan Backsten Third

4th round of late Night Blitz Evening at ASSU – online LICHESS Tournament. Läs mer ›

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Player – Update list – Season 2022-2023 Allsvenskan – Contact CM Engman if you want to participate Club-Evenings and Allsvenskan and Länsserien

18 Players below preliminary- are all signed for upcoming Season at ASSU – Club Evenings, Allsvenskan and Länsserien: Läs mer ›

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Dags att betala medlemsavgifter: För allsvenskt spel och att behålla licensen – rating tal mm.

Nu är det dags att betala medlemsavgifterna:

Allsvenskt spel klubbkvällar alla tävlingar: 600 kr för 1 år!

1 termin – 400

Stödmedlem 200 kr. per termin.

För att behålla licensen och ELO-tal betalas minst 200 kr per termin!

Välkomna till en spännande säsong.

Vi planerar att hålla öppet på torsdagar med långpartier, blixtpartier, och kafé:


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Nya spelare inför säsongen 2022 / 2023 – Magnus Englund och Ingemar Wincent

Inför Allsvenska säsongen har Magnus Englund och Ingemar Wincent kritat på för ASSU. Läs mer ›

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Tonight! Summer late Night Blitz at 2315 pm Swedish local time – Welcome!

Since we did not Have any Summer Late Evening blitz, Due to Heart of Finland – We will host a Tournament tonight at 2315 pm Swedish local time! Welcome! Läs mer ›

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Preliminärt Allsvenskan 2022/2023 – ASSU Will be Open on Thursdays at 18.00 UB 339

Här är preliminära lottning för DIV 2 grupp 1 i höst. ASSU will have a team – in Allsvenskan.

ASSU planerar att ha öppet på Torsdagar kl 18.00. CM Engman will host with training. Every second Thursday, we will try to start a tournament.


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Finale -Heart of Finland – Results: CM Engman scores 5,5 draw IM in Final Round. WIM Cristine Ties for Third Place Among Women.

Heart of Finland is finished for this time. ASSU-players CM Engman, WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose and Dr Piwowar Michal and Doctoral Candidate Ranel Tammela all scored 50 % or above. Läs mer ›

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Last Round – Heart of Finland! Round 9: CM Engman on LIVEBOARD 12.

CM Engman will play on LIVEBOARD Tomorrow starting at 9 am Swedish time. Läs mer ›

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Round 7 in Heart of Finland Coming Up!

CM Engman lost against an Finish IM, Sampsa in round 6 on the LIVE-board. Läs mer ›

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UPDATE: The Battle in the Heart of Finland Goes On – Results and Report from 4th and 5th Round!

After round 4 – Still High Spirits and good mood for ASSU-Players. Today it is a double round and round 5 is currently running. Round 6 this afternoon with hopefully some ASSu players on the LIVE-Broadcast. The following score for ASSU-Players: Läs mer ›

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Heart of Finland – 4th Round coming up – ASSU Players in Fierce Battles over the Boards so far!

Heart of Finland update for ASSU-players. It has been a hard starter for ASSU-players. Ranel played Hungarian GM Gabor and had a good position, move 28 he was + 2,80 if he had seen the move Bc4 (game here)! Attacking the opponents king. The position is won for white. Today its new opponents, new challenges and new dreams on the boards, we wish our players from ASSU good luck!  Läs mer ›

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Heart of Finland. 1st Round – results

ASSU-Is in Finland and fighting for our blue and white colors! Läs mer ›

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Thursday evening night Blitz results! Stenius takes second leg, with Jan Backsten and WIM Cristine takes second and third place!

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