Vi har träning i form av föreläsningar på tisdagar och mer spelinriktad träning eller turneringsspel på torsdagar.
Vi håller vanligtvis till i  UB 335, UB 336 och börjar kl 18.00. Eventuella ändringar meddelas på hemsidan.

We have lectures on Tuesdays and games or tournaments on Thursdays
We are usually in UB 335, UB 336 and it starts at 18.00.
Eventual changes will be posted on the website.

District Champion on Sunday at Rockaden ålidhem 12.15

DM in Blitz. At Rockaden this Sunday. 12.15. People from ASSU who will play the tournament join at ICA Ålidhem 12.00.


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ASSU IV vs. ASSU III = 1-3. ASSU III wins a well fought match over all boards.

Todays match at campus was played well with many interesting positions. Rasmus Nyman held Isak Ersholt for a long time in an Italian game, but lost a quality in the middle game, and Isak could win.

Magnus and Lars-Olov played a sharp line in London system – the Sarratt Attack. In the middle game Magnus came better and could finally fork the king an Bishop, with some luck.

Todays winner was Simon Malm who beat his much higher rated opponent Stipo as black. in the fantasy variation in the Caro-cann. Simon played well and Stipo defended but Simon came with an attack with knights on th kings side open file.

Finally, Lennart Sandström could win as black over Daniel Lindgren.



Magnus Stenius – Lars-Olov Norqvist 1 – 0

Isak Ersholt – Rasmus Nyman 1 – 0

Stipo Mihajlevic – Simon Malm 0 – 1

Lennart Sandström – Daniel Lindgren 1 – 0

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Länsserien on Sunday! Derby coming up. ASSU IV vs. ASSU III. UB 339 12.00.

Everyone can come and watch the game on this Sunday. The premier of the ”County League” Länsserien. There are many players who started their chess career in this nice Chess League. Isak Ersholt a pro today once began his fantastic chess climbing from here! 🙂

So come and watch the two teams of Simon Malm and Isak Ersholt face off!

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Lottas today: 1800. We will play some blitz and eat and celebrate Lennart. Everyone Welcome!



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Hello!? ASSU a lot of new players yesterday – 12 in the Second Chance Grand Prix Blitz: Stipo wins 10/11!

Stipo wins the Second ”Chance” Grand Prix Blitz part 2 of 5. Läs mer ›

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Grand Prix: Round 2 – 3 + 2. Anyone can join in! 18:30

Grand Prix  – Blitz. 3 + 2. Sessi0n round two. Ranel is in the lead 10 Grand Prix points. Läs mer ›

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Open tonight 18:30!

The club will be open tonight at 18:30!

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Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström Celebrates 70!

Lennart Sandström, our member, since the start in ASSU Celebrates his 70th Birthday!  Läs mer ›

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Grand Prix result – Round 1 – Speed Chess – Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström wins! 2,5/ 3

We owe you the result from the Speed Chess – Grand Prix 1 Speed Chess – 1st of 5 sessions, every third Thursday at ASSU 15+10. Läs mer ›

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17/2 Länsserien – Country League Round 1 – Derby! ASSU IV welcomes ASSU III

Länsserien – Derby this Sunday 12.00 at UB 339. Läs mer ›

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Blixt Gran Prix this Thursday – Second Chance coming UP!

This Thursday, everyone can join in for the second round of Grand Prix Blitz!

The results from all grand prix sessions will be summoned as one after Grand Prix 5.



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Open tonight 18:30

The club will be open tonight at 18:30, we will look at some tactics and play some blitz!

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ASSU Played rockaden in Allsvenskan Derby. Läs mer ›

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free training and chess tonight! Vi är öppna kl 18.30 – We are open at18.30!

We will train and also just play free games. Everyone welcome! We will discuss the season and Allsvenskan TEAM II on Saturday. Also, who wants to play in länsserien and more…

CMRickard is planing to hold a chess party in his house in Ledusjö, Who are interessted?

Come join us.


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Peter Olsson i Dala Open.

Vår medlem Peter Olsson deltar i Dala Open. Mer info kommer.


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Speed Chess Grand Prix. 3 rounds – first of 5 times this spring semester! Every third Week.

Welcome to speed chess. Anyone can jump in. 15+10 3 rounds No Elo rating.

During the spring semester we will play 5 times x 3 rounds of speed chess.

18.30 Tonight!


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Resultat Grand prix Blitz 1: Ranel Tammela Scores the most points!

The 1st Grand prix blitz out of 5 every third week – 8 players showed up. Läs mer ›

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Välkomstmässan / Welcome Fair 23/1 kl 10-15

Nästa vecka på onsdag är det välkomstmässan mellan kl 10-15 i universum. Läs mer ›

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Resultat januariturneringen – Urban & Cristine

Både Urban och Cristine spelade bra i Januariturneringen som vanns av ryske IM Grishenko. Läs mer ›

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Öppningsblixt 22/1 kl 18.30. Opening Blitz 5 + 3. 22/1. 18.30 pm.

ASSU slår upp portarna den 22/1 kl 18.30 med en öppningsblixt alla mot alla. Läs mer ›

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Fin insats av Simon Malm i Rilton 1800

Simon Malm, deltog under julen och nyår i Rilton Cup. Läs mer ›

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Grannklubben SK Rockaden Umeå – Stockholms SS Elitserien kl 13.00

Idag spelar vår grannklubb elitseriematch på hemmaplan kl 13.00.

SK Rockaden Umeå möter Stockholms SS. Lokal. OK Haga Bridgeklubbens lokaler.

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WIM Cristine Wågman och Urban Eriksson i Sundsvalls Januariturnering idag med start kl 18.30

WIM Cristine Wågman och Urban Eriksson spelar januariturneringen i Sundsvall. Läs mer ›

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Ranel ”Flying Finn”Tammela och Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström – höstsäsongens ratingvinnare

Höstens rankingstigare blev Ranel Tammela och Lennart Sandström på fina + 36 samt + 23 i ELO, Läs mer ›

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Akademiska schacksällskapets Simon Malm i Rilton 1800.

Simon Malm, ASSU spelar just nu i Rilton! Läs mer ›

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