Vi har träning i form av föreläsningar på tisdagar och mer spelinriktad träning eller turneringsspel på torsdagar.
Vi håller vanligtvis till i UB 334, UB 335, UB 336 och börjar kl 18.00. Eventuella ändringar meddelas på hemsidan.

We have training in form of lectures on Tuesdays and games or tournaments on Thursdays
We usually are in UB 334, UB 335, UB 336 and start at 18.00.
Any changes will be posted on the website.

Lecture on Capablanca the 3/2 at 18.00

On the third of Febrary at 18.00, The Academic Chess Club Society’s member, professor Göran Broström (ELO 2410) will give a lecture about Cuban GM, former World champion José Raul Capablanca. Don’t miss this oppertunity to watch a lecture on the life and play of Capablanca. Swedish fika and coffea, tea will be served. Everybody is welcome!


GM José Raul Capablanca

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Årsmöte 17 februari kl 18:00

Akademiska schacksällskapet ASSU vid Umeå universitet och Umeå studentkår kallar till årsmöte den 17 februari kl 18.00. Kom och var aktiv i klubben! Kom och gör din röst hörd!

Mötet äger rum i UB 335, Umeå universitet Samhällsvetarhuset.

Efter sedvanligt möte är det blixt 5×5 minuter alla mot alla.

1.Mötets öppnande

2. Mötets stadgeenliga utlysande

3. Godkännande av dagordningen

4. Val av justeringsman, tillika rösträkning

5. Övriga frågor

6. Mötets avslutande

Kaffe och kaka erbjuds i vanlig ordning välkommen!


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Länsserien Resultat söndag 25/1

ASSU III vann övertygande med 4-0 mot Rockaden Schackalerna

Kent Munyua 1768 – Rasmus Burman 1106 , 1-0

Behzad khoshnood 1750 – Anton Johansson 1260 , 1-0

Viktor Alvarsson 1647 -Jacob Lindström 1279 , 1-0

Jonas Jonsson 1491 – WO, 1-0

ASSU II fick det betydligt tuffare i 2-2 matchen mot Rockaden FAME

Isak Ersholt 1651 – Alexander Frisk 1765, 0-1

Jimmy Norqvist 1545- Mikael Engdahl 1200, 0-1

Kasper Hörnkvist 1474 – Gustaf Forsberg 1090, 1-0

Erik Hannerz 1355 – Fabian Lindström 1124, 1-0

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Winter Chess Tournament!

Get ready for this seasons big FIDE tournament. This spring semester, the Academic Chess Club Society will host a FIDE rated tournament, which will consist of two groups. In each group their will be the same rating span of oppponents, ranging from 1450-1900. After 5 rounds, nr 1 in group A will meet nr 1 in group B etc, once as black and once as white. We look forward to this more, ”Cup format” tournament on homeground. And, the more players the better, and more fun. So, take your spot and the chance to play a real FIDE tournament this spring. We look forward to see you. For those who want’s to play a regular LASK tournament for new -beginners we hope start one as well. Dates, time and day’s of each tournament, and when to show up, will be provided on the homepage in the near future.

For those playing FIDE tournaments, we want to point out allready now, that not more than two postponed games per person is prefered to keep up the timely scheduled timetable with FIDE.

We wish everybody welcome!

Come join the fun with ASSU!

We are located above UB 335-336 and there is always someone to play on same level, lectures, friends, partys, free coffea and more.



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”Välkomstmässan” for new and old students at the University campus was a great success. ASSU had a monter as usual and many students asked questions and stayed for playing and chatting with the member. Pictures below:


The club is open this evening, see you there!

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Välkomstmässa 22/1

It is time for ” Välkomstmässa” We and many others are ready to welcome new students.Välkomstmässan starts 10:00 end 15:00 now on Thursday.

We from ASSU starts from 09:00 end 15:30.

We will be in Lindellhallen.

Be there be squared!

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Chess Club open tonight UB 334

ASSU opens up at 18.00 this evening. There will be new-beginners training in one lecture room and regular advanced training in the opposite room.Lecture will be about then to think and then not to think so much! or if you like its about critical and not so critical positions Welcome!


Lets play some Star-Trek Chess ey?! (picture


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Victory for ASSU III!

3-1 Victory for ASSU III as expected if  you only look at the  rating difference between the teams.But the truth is that two of the games was more of a struggle than you might first expect Both Peder Axensten and Tintin Burman made it difficult  for the ASSU players to score the full point but Viktor Alvarsson and Lars Frängsmyr was Victorius in the end.

Jonas Jonsson the team captain of ASSU III did win both his own game and also the match so it was a good day for ASSU III.

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ASSU III welcomes SK Rockaden Umeå GoG in the County Leauge

County Leauge today as ASSU III (Jonas Jonsson Captain) welcomes neighbourhood club SK Rockaden Umeå GoG (Tintin Burman Captain). The derby match will be posted here with update on each game live.

Start positions (pairings) below.

ASSU III                                  1634    SK Rockaden GoG      1442 , 3-1

Board 1. Bezhad Khosnood 1750 – Christoffer Vikström 1776, 0 – 1

Board 2. Lars Frängsmyr 1650 – Tintin Burman, 1387 , 1-0

Board 3. Viktor Alvarsson 1647 – Peder Axensten, 1493, 1 – 0

Board 4. Jonas Jonsson 1491 – Edvin Axensten 1111, 1 – 0

Pictures below from start of the round:


IMG_0112 IMG_0113 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0119

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Länsserien Tomorrow 11:00

It will be a chessmatch tomorrow our team ASSU III against a team from Rockaden Umeå.

We will play in ” Humanisthuset”

Come and enjoy some chess!

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Attention ! Chess in UB 335 and UB 334 Tonight

We have a change,,, We will be in UB 335 and UB 334 tonight not the usualy UB 339

We will have some training in chesstactic

We will have Coffe and Cokie

We will have some blitz

We will have fun!

We wanna you to join!

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Watch out for ASSU

This Thursday at 18.00, the gates to our club opens up. There will be swedish fika, coffea, cockies and more, discussions on what members want to focus at this semester, some blitz, etc.

Welcome big time!

Let’s Play Spock!

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The new ratinglist for January 2015

The new rating list for January is here. Jimmy Norqvist + 110 is the new rating rocket. Congratulations from the members of ASSU.

He is followed by Isak Ersholts + 78, Jonas Jonsson + 70, Rasmus Nyman +63 Magnus Hedqvist + 56 and Kent Munyua +36. The new list can be found here. Notable is also that five players added to FIDE rating list. If something is not right with the ratinglist please contact mr Rickard Engman 0768 230 379

bild 3

Jimmy (right) seen here playing his teammate Isak (left)

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Chess Club opens up next Thursday at Campus on the 15th of january!

Welcome back to a new exciting season this semester at the Academic Chess Club Society. Bring your friends and others to the club, we will have a lot of new stuff going on at the club this semester. Their will be lectures with different themes and different speakers, theme blitz, opening practices, short tournaments styles of 5 rounds standard games and speed chess and a lot more! So welcome in, just grab the pieces and be a part of our club and become a member you too! The doors will opend up at 18.00 on the 15th of January!




A picture from last dinner party with chess games going on!

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Rilton ELO and Rilton Cup results

Helge Magnussen GER (ASSU support member), scored 6 points and ended at 13th place. An ok performance around his ELO rating.

Rilton Cup 1st place shared between GM Jon Ludwig Hammer and GM Tiger Hillarp Persson.

We soon open up our doors again this semester, just wait and see!


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New rating list on its way

Soon the new rating list for the first of Januari will be posted here. We will see who will be the rating-rocket during the fall etc.

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Happy New Year

We wish everyone in our club a Happy New year to come 2015! We hope all had a great New Years Evening as well!

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Weekend Christmas Chess with Rilton Cup

As usual around Christmas break there are tournaments in Chess to compete in. In Stockholm ASSU:s member Helge ”The Friend” Magnussen takes part in Rilton Cup, where he competes in the open ELO-group. You can follow him here. We wish our ASSU member good luck!

bild 4 (2)

Helge (left) playing Bastian in Autumn Chess Tournament this season

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Autumn Chess Tournament A and B final results

Here are the final three places in each group.


1. Magnus Hedqvist SK Rockaden Umeå

2. Helge Magnussen SK Rockaden Umeå

3. Lars-Göran Carlsson Schack 64 Haparanda

Notable, all top places in FIDE A group by our friends Clubs in the North of Sweden. First on 4th place Bastian Perner ASSU. We congratulate all players to a good tournament).


1. Jonas Jonsson ASSU (Qualified A group)

2. Kasper Hörnkvist ASSU (Qualified A group)

3. Jimmy Norqvist ASSU (Qualified A Group)

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New Expected FIDE ELO to ASSU Club Members Going International On the Boards!

In Christmas break we can see in short that, a lot of ASSU players have gained speed elo and standard elo. Here are the following incoming FIDE results for ASSU Members:

The winner of Chess Autumn Tournament Magnus Hedqvist gains 72,4 + in ELO, congratulations from ASSU!

The winner in B group Jonas Jonsson, congratulations from ASSU!

1. Magnus Stenius Chess Speed ELO expected 1863 (standard 1832)

2. Kent Munyua (this years ASSU-Player) Standard ELO Chess expected 1938! Speed Chess part results: 1915.

3. Gerold ”The Professor” Jäger Standard 1795 Speed Chess 1795.

4. Bastian Perner Expected 1931 Standard FIDE.

5. Rasmus Nyman 1848 expected FIDE standard rating.

6. Isak Ersholts 1693 Standard FIDE.

7. Lennart Sandström 1681 Speed Chess ELO FIDE.

8. Rickard Holmström 1735 FIDE Speed Chess.

9. Jimmy Norqvist (third in Autumn Chess Tournament B Group) part result 1842 in standard FIDE.

Merry Christmas all ASSU players and members, see you back in January!


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A Game from Round 7 + pictures from todays lecture

Here is the game from the last round between Helge Magnussen and Magnus Stenius from round 7 of Autum Chess Tournament 2014, enjoy!


bild 5 (4) bild 4 (6) bild 3 (6) bild 2 (6) bild 1 (6)


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Chess tonight its all about The Ruy Lopez!

We will talk about some games in the Ruy Lopez and some  theory. If we have time will we also play a thematic Ruy Lopez fast speed tournament Welcome!

Join in the Fun, last evening this year of 2014, make it and break it, come to the club, we will have FIKA! Lets play som Spanish, one of the oldest openings. Welcome!


The famous ”Turk”, that played and tour the European courts, like Napoleon.

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Top game publication

The board 1 game between Magnus Stenius – Helge Magnussen will be posted here shortly (draw).


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Autumn Chess Tournament

Magnus Hedqvist won the tournament, congratulations!

Final result here.


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Result Christmas Fika Speed Chess!

Here are the result from the evening at ASSU. This years ASSU player, Kent Munyua wins the handicap blitz.


I nice evening, a lot of members visiting the  club, having Swedish fika first. We say thank you to all members this semester and for the whole year. Today we are more than 40 active players from new-beginners group, up till the elite level. We are a club for all levels, social activities and to train and learn chess. Thank you, and welcome back in 2015!

bild 4 (5) bild 3 (5) bild 2 (5) bild 1 (5)

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Events on 3 februari, 2015
  • Lecture on Capablanca
    Starts: 18:00
    Ends: 3 februari, 2015 - 22:00
    Description: A lecture about Capablanca by Göran Bröström.
Events on 5 februari, 2015
  • Winter Chess Tournament Round 1
    Starts: 18:00
    Ends: 5 februari, 2015 - 22:00
    Description: Round 1 of the Winter Chess Tournament
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  • Winter Chess Tournament Round 2
    Starts: 18:00
    Ends: 19 februari, 2015 - 22:00
    Description: Round 1 of the Winter Chess Tournament
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